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Copyright Information: All images are copyrighted by RA JAXON IMAGING. It is illegal and unlawful to scan, copy, or reproduce images by RA JAXON IMAGING in any manner or medium. As an artist, RA JAXON wishes to have complete control over the final look of his client's images, because copied or edited images damages his reputation as a photographer by distorting and devaluing the image quality. Thank you for respecting RA JAXON IMAGING work and livelihood by choosing not to alter or reproduce his images.


Orders: All orders must be made and paid in full 15 days after shoot or a image holding fee will applied starting at $5.00 depending on how large images are and quantity of images being saved for you.


Exclusive Photographer: Please only bring the people that will be photographed to the session. Also, please do not bring your own camera, phone, or other recording device to the session. Please do no take picture during the session. Unless specific permission is given by studio.


Before Your Session: Please have your children dressed and ready to go- this includes hair combing and having their faces clean (wipe mouth, nose, eyes); children are more likely to become grouchy if they are messed with too much at or during the session.


Product order: Once choices are made and paid for, it takes 4 to 15 days to receive prints depending upon order: workload, date, and print/shipping times..


Minimum Purchase: There is no minimum order required- the total investment is flexible and entirely up to you. Some clients spend $150, while others spend larger sums..


Retainer Policy: A non-refundable session/sitting for your session is due at the time of booking to guarantee the time and date allotted for you. Should payment not be received in this time frame, RA JAXON IMAGING reserves the right to offer the date and time to another client.


All sales are final: Due to the custom nature of your products, all sales are final unless approved by studio.


Re-Shoots: Re-shoots are at the discretion of the studio and are not given for regretful personal choices such as hair and clothing. In the case of bad weather, we will reschedule.

Re Edits/Designs: Design options and details must be drafted to exact  precise layout desired before editing or design process begins, to ensure the studio's design time is allocated economically. If you do rely on the studio to come up with design or editing details  you are required to pay a minimum $25 re drafting fee unless the re-edit is in response to a blatant error or distasteful choice by the studio in final edit or design.

Sick kids: If your child is feeling ill that is totally understandable and we can reschedule. If you must cancel, please try to do so at least 24 hours before your session. Also another session will be required to reschedule do to potential losses from your canceled shoot.  


Travel Fee: There is a travel fee for all shoots outside of Killeen Texas area, starting at $46.


Payment Options:RA JAXON IMAGING accepts cash, credit, debit, paypal, or cash app. No checks will be accepted at any time for non commercial clients.


Image Usage: RA JAXON IMAGING reserves the right to use the images for display, publication, or other purposes and in any medium. Originals remain the property of RA JAXON IMAGING.

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